Sugar Doll Award... sweet!

Hello loves,
Before talking about Vienna, which I will do tomorrow, I want to thank very much my lovely Pale and Pallor Princess http://thepaleandpallorprincess.blogspot.com/2010/04/i-am-doll-parts.html for the sugar doll award she gave me the day I left for my trip!!
Here are the rules!

1) Thank and link the person who gave you the award.
2) Pass this award onto fabulous bloggers of your choice.
3) Contact said blogs and let them know they've won.
4) Re-post and state 10 things about yourself.

So I already took care of the first rule, I will pass the award to some of my favorite NEW bloggers or that I discovered recently!

1. http://bonjourgazel.blogspot.com/
She has an amazing sense of style and it's very Indie cute which I love and tend to go for that style myself sometimes! Go check her out!

2. http://wisecasualcurves.blogspot.com/
They are just starting out but they are giving some interesting advices!

*Special mention, http://femmefatalexsabina.blogspot.com/ is having some website problems but she was the first person to ever do an interview about me so I have to send her some love!
Now 10 things that you don't know about me...
1. Well, I'm not sure if you know this but my name is Rachel and I'm 20, soon 21!
2. I am a music freak, I love composed movie soundtracks more than simple classical music because I feel that it was created with a specific feeling in mind, like the feeling was already there, the music had to match it and not the other way around, I think it's interesting. Favorite composer : Thomas Newman. I also like club music, and some very underground indie rock and indie pop like Wild Nothings and Dum Dum Girls to name my most recent discoveries.

3. My favorite periods in time are the 20's and the 50's because I love the life style and the clothes.

4. I studied cinema for two years in CEGEP (weird Quebec school between high school and university)
5. My two icons recently are Anita Ekberg and Brigitte Bardot, but I also have to admit that I really like Whitney Port's, Lauren Conrad's and Ashley Olsen's style. I'd really like to go blond but am very very very scared so I don't do it...
6. I would love to be a plus-size model, I love to have my picture taken, I love magazines, I love modelling, I love runways, I'd love to be a plus-size model a lot!
7. I have an older sister that I deeply admire
8. I have a deep connection with animals, that's one of the reasons I'm vegetarian, I never buy real leather or real fur except if it's vintage because I feel I'm giving the animal a second life. One of my wildest dream would be to own a vintage Birkin bag for those reasons.

9. I own dresses that will NEVER fit me that I bought in vintage stores just because I thought they were too beautiful to be left there.
10. I am in a phase right now where I don't watch any movies or documentaries with subjects like war or horror. I think that cinema and TV are there to entertain me and help me learn useful things. I will never start a war, I know they happened, I don't need to know the exact details of how people died of excrutiating pain. I also don't understand why I would pay to have some people killed and witness a blood bath, I prefer saving for the Birkin!

So that's it for the wonderful award!!

Now nothing in this outfit is vintage except the necklaces. I actually made the one with a rock and the other one I bought in a thrift store. I will provide a close-up very soon for the shoes which I bought in a tiny store in Budapest! The dress is H&M but I bought it in Vienna.
It is SO FREAKING HOT in Montreal right now that honestly I can't put anymore on my poor body! Am I happy I have the AC in my room (only place in the house cauz the parents hate it)? Hell yes!!

Mucho Hugz & Kissez!!


I'm back!

Hello my wonderfuls!

I know someone who’s back from her crazy-fantastic-amazing trip… that’s right I’m talking about me in the third person! I am back! Did LOADS of shopping! Went to both the H&M’s in Paris that have the larger sizes section, bought 3 pieces from that collection! Also bought shoes, a purse, jewellery, dresses, so much stuff! You will see all of it, piece by piece!

So today I will post about the first city I visited, Prague in Czech Republic.

Prague is a gorgeous city, but we had a lot of problems communicating with people because 1. Czech is nothing like English or French, 2. It is not THAT touristic... We arrived really tired but still tried to visit a little, at 2 o’clok in the afternoon I told my friend that I was going to fall asleep while walking if we didn’t go and have a nap, which we did, and it was the best decision because our youth hostel was organizing a special supper with typical Czech food (loads of meat for everyone, good cheese and bread for me lol)! There, we met other Canadians, a French, a Japanese and an Australian couple. Everyone was so nice and it was just an amazing night because we went to a typical Czech bar and drank really good beer and weren’t sleepy at all thanks to our nap!

Honestly, those people made the Prague part of our trip so great! We strolled in the city at night, went to a vegetarian restaurant (for meee) with a couple, and met some quebecers to watch a hockey game in a weird nightclub!

We also did the usual touristic attractions, we went up the old church tower, took the funicular up to the hill and we walked everywhere since the city is really not that extended. It was still the end of April so outfit wise I was wearing my black riding boots a lot, jeans and my trench from Zara. Here are some pictures of the first part of my trip! I hope you had a great month and I can’t wait to check everything you’ve updated on your blogs!! Tomorrow, I will tell you about Vienna!

Hugz & kissezz!