I want it NOW!

Hi sweets!

Today I went at Holts and came across this Dior special edition makeup collection. I'm not that much of a makeup girl but I feel it's starting to grow on me... I really wanted to buy this powder kit because it is simply GORGEOUS! It is 60$... I walked away and am still thinking about it... 6 hours later!

What do you say? Is it worth the investment? It would be my third luxury makeup investment! First one beige YSL touche éclat and second one being a Lancôme mascara...

New outfit tomorrow! Now studying for an exam! Wish me luck!




Hi lovelies!

Today I was lucky when time came to take some pictures! It was quite nice outside at 4 degrees which is somewhat hot for me considering the minus 5 to minus 10 that we usually get this time of year! I was able to forget about the cold and take some cute pictures!

One of my favourite trends for this summer is the ruffles and flowy materials like this lilac blouse!

I bought this faux leather coat last summer when we were in Atlantic City! I LOVE this coat!

Finally, this draped skirt I ordered from Alloy et the booties are from One Stop Plus. I order a lot from the internet that I have shipped to my sister because she lives in New York and there are not a lot of American online stores that ship to Canada. And having things shipped over from Europe is so expansive! Grrrr…

Is it nice outside where you are? I wish you that it is!


Coat from Ashley Stewart, skirt Alloy, Blouse Costa Blanca, Booties One Stop Plus



Hi everyone,

So finally, here are my first pictures since a VERY long time! As you can see, there is a lot of snow in Montreal and I will be honest and confess that I have exchanged my booties for a pair of hot and strong boots when walking around in the city!

I am totally against buying real fur (but second-hand is okay) and vegetarian but I do like the look of fur. I was thinking to myself: Why not use a faux fur neck liner and put it above an A line wool coat bought at the thrift store to give this entire look a very Jackie O. look? So that’s what I did and voilà! I like it!

I hope these pictures will inspire you to revamp or give a new look to your winter coat, or just make you happy you do not live in a town or country that has snow!

Cold kisses!

Here is a song to put a smile on your lips…


I am wearing a Jones New York coat, belt, faux fur neck line and hat from thrift stores




I am changing a lot of things about the blog so stay tuned! The blog will now be in english and a french version will be available!!

I'll post new outfits VERY soon!