I don't have a camera

Hi loves,

Actually thats not true. I do have a camera. But my mom liked it so much that she decided to take it with her to Amsterdam where she is attending a conference. So no outfit posts for a week but I will share with you a picture I took some time ago.

This is an outfit I didnt wear to go out because I thought it might be too short and I want your opinion! What do you think? It is very simple but I'm worried about the lenght!

I have so many outfits ready to take in picture so I will post when my mom gets back!

Cheers to all!! xx



Wow! So I did get my five comments! Thank you all so much for answering! I’m really touched. Honestly. So I will start posting right now then! But we do have some catching up to do.

I can start by telling you how I’ve been losing weight. The thing is, as you might already know, I’m a vegetarian with vegan tendencies (meaning I will sometimes eat cheese or eggs but rarely at home). Well I was having some skin problems, and I never had bad skin before, so I went to a dermatologist but nothing helped. Then I saw a naturopath because I believe that you can sometimes cure your body from the inside out. That woman told me I had built up too much acid in my blood. So I’m cutting back on wheat (gluten) and mainly oranges and tomatoes. Add that to my already very healthy ways! I do not follow a “diet”. I’m just trying different types of food and it obviously changed my body a little!

School has started so I’m done with my summer job, but I have five classes at university and Italian courses! Quite intense! However my classes are really interesting. I’m now thinking on doing something that has never been done at my university and going for a double major, one in fashion design and one in fashion commercialisation. I’m working really hard to keep my GPA high so I might be able to do an internship outside of Canada. Obviously I’m aiming for Italy, France or England, but I think Australia might be interesting... I might send a letter to City Chic! And if it doesn’t happen, I’d really like to see what’s happening in Vancouver, I’ve never been.

Anyway, that’s me and my big plans and mainly what’s been going on!

Now fashion! I’ve been having some fashion insecurities. Studying at a fashion school can be very intense because let’s just say we don’t have the same budgets (let’s remind ourselves that I love travelling, a lot), the same bodies (obviously), or even the same tastes. And I like heels but not that much since I’m 5’8 and don’t like being too towering. I’ll make a goal to wear heels once a week; I’m a big fan of wedges (I consider them heels). So this babbling leads me to my fashion wardrobe. I shop at vintage shops a lot, and buy all my jeans at Gap! But I don’t have that big of a budget so I had to find some ideas to change up my outfits... You know what I do? I take each piece of clothing I have and I try to find some outfits on the internet, or even in movies, and fashion shows, and work my way around them. And on that note, I’ll keep some thoughts for my next post! It feels good to be back,

Cheers sweethearts!

Today; Balmain FW2010-11

Jacket-Trifted, T-shirt-Urban Outfitters, Scarf - China Town, Jeans - Gap, Boots - OneStopPlus, Bracelet - Firenze, Necklace - DIY, Sunglasses - Dior


I have a question for you

Hi girls!

I have an important question for all of you readers out there. I know Its been a little more than three months since I wrote anything on my blog but I have a somewhat good reason. I've been losing weight. And I have never been really into size 10 girls stating they are plus size. I'm not a size 10, I'm a size 12 now. I'm very happy about it and I plan on getting to a size 10 in 2011, if not before. I do relate with a of you plus-size girls out there and know how hard and frustrating it can be to never find great looking clothes that fit your body! I still have a hard time because some sizes are made really small so jeans and pants at Zara and H&M are still a big no no! I would love to start posting again, but I have been wondering about how you guys would feel. I know I don't have that many followers but still, I want to know how you feel about it! I need 5 comments, 5 persons to tell me what you think! I might post until I receive these 5 comments but I do hope I will get some awnsers!

Cheers all! xx


Pretty in Pink

Wow so again, long time no see right! I think I will have an outfit day and a fashion day! How would that sound? So Tuesdays would be outfit days and Fridays fashion days!

So last Friday was my birthday and I went out with some friends on Saturday to celebrate my turning legal officially everywhere! 21! For the occasion, I had bought a beautiful dress in Paris from H&M. I’ve been losing weight. I am training a little bit, eating less and am right between regular and plus size at a large 14. My point being that the dress is from regular H&M. My theme this year was pink! I even had matching nail polish. You can also see that I changed my hair! I’m blond now and I really like it.

We had dinner at a really great restaurant called Tai Nature in the old port. It’s a Bring your own wine with a lot of vegetarian options for me! After that, I had made a guestlist at the Terrasses Bonsecours, a semi-chic club overlooking the water. It was such a fun night!

Here are some pictures of my outfit! I wore a black faux leather jacket on top of my pink strapless dress, even if it was pretty warm outside, my favorite black wedges, 70 little chains on my neck, and yes, that’s 70, 2 bracelets I bought in Florence, and 2 rings I bought in Vienna.

Have a great week! I’ll write on Friday!


p.s. The view is gorgeous from one of my friend's condo so we took some pictures there! Enjoy and tell me how you like the outfit!


Mea Culpa

Hey sweets!

I know, I have been kind of absent, but the thing is, since I came back from my trip, it’s been crazy! I’m back at work, waking at 6 am every day and back home around 6 pm. Since I have a very jet-set life and very jet-set friends (lol) I had to see some of them before they left for their European or Cuban trips, or before they went back to their summer internships (I have a friend in the Nunavut and another one in Newfoundland) so I have been going out non-stop! And my birthday is coming up and as a Gemini I become obsessed with the planning of a crazy party night with my friends (the ones that are here…)! I will now STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

Before talking about the second stop of my seven cities in thirty days tour, I just want to talk a little bit about my hometown, Montreal, that I did miss without even realizing! If you happen to come to this really amazing city, here are some places, especially restaurants, that you should check-out!

1. For a wonderful breakfast and A-MA-ZING coffee and tea selection, go to one of the two branches of the bistro Toi, Moi & Café. The first location to open was the one on Laurier street, my favorite street of the city! I always take the Salvador Dali omelet and café au lait with soy milk! 244 Laurier Avenue West, www.toimoicafe.com

2. I recently discovered an awesome bar/restaurant called the Bond Lounge Grill, the overall theme of the place is old James Bond movies so the drinks have Bond names like Octopussy (can you say raspberry overload! Yum) and Money Penny. The place is decorated in a 70’s vibe and ladies eat free with consummation on Wednesdays! 101 Fairmount Avenue West, www.bondloungegrill.com

3. If you feel like spending a night like you’re one of the girls on The Hills or The City, head to the beautiful but quite expensive Wunderbar, lounge/bar on the first floor of the chic W hotel. Very chic, there are fresh flowers on your drink and the martinis are to die for. Little trick, go to the BYOW of your choice before if you want to drink more than just a 15$ martini! 901 Square Victoria, www.wmontrealhotel.com

4. If you have a vegetarian craving, try the delicious restaurant Lola Rosa in the McGill ghetto. The place is always crowded with students and the food is delicious. You can get away with an appetizer and main course for about 20 dollars. 545 Milton Street

So now you have one very small guide to the city, I think this will become a regular thing! Would you like to hear more about Montreal? And most important, would you like to see one last outfit before I change my hair? I’m going paler! Think Lauren Conrad meets Drew Barrymore!


Sugar Doll Award... sweet!

Hello loves,
Before talking about Vienna, which I will do tomorrow, I want to thank very much my lovely Pale and Pallor Princess http://thepaleandpallorprincess.blogspot.com/2010/04/i-am-doll-parts.html for the sugar doll award she gave me the day I left for my trip!!
Here are the rules!

1) Thank and link the person who gave you the award.
2) Pass this award onto fabulous bloggers of your choice.
3) Contact said blogs and let them know they've won.
4) Re-post and state 10 things about yourself.

So I already took care of the first rule, I will pass the award to some of my favorite NEW bloggers or that I discovered recently!

1. http://bonjourgazel.blogspot.com/
She has an amazing sense of style and it's very Indie cute which I love and tend to go for that style myself sometimes! Go check her out!

2. http://wisecasualcurves.blogspot.com/
They are just starting out but they are giving some interesting advices!

*Special mention, http://femmefatalexsabina.blogspot.com/ is having some website problems but she was the first person to ever do an interview about me so I have to send her some love!
Now 10 things that you don't know about me...
1. Well, I'm not sure if you know this but my name is Rachel and I'm 20, soon 21!
2. I am a music freak, I love composed movie soundtracks more than simple classical music because I feel that it was created with a specific feeling in mind, like the feeling was already there, the music had to match it and not the other way around, I think it's interesting. Favorite composer : Thomas Newman. I also like club music, and some very underground indie rock and indie pop like Wild Nothings and Dum Dum Girls to name my most recent discoveries.

3. My favorite periods in time are the 20's and the 50's because I love the life style and the clothes.

4. I studied cinema for two years in CEGEP (weird Quebec school between high school and university)
5. My two icons recently are Anita Ekberg and Brigitte Bardot, but I also have to admit that I really like Whitney Port's, Lauren Conrad's and Ashley Olsen's style. I'd really like to go blond but am very very very scared so I don't do it...
6. I would love to be a plus-size model, I love to have my picture taken, I love magazines, I love modelling, I love runways, I'd love to be a plus-size model a lot!
7. I have an older sister that I deeply admire
8. I have a deep connection with animals, that's one of the reasons I'm vegetarian, I never buy real leather or real fur except if it's vintage because I feel I'm giving the animal a second life. One of my wildest dream would be to own a vintage Birkin bag for those reasons.

9. I own dresses that will NEVER fit me that I bought in vintage stores just because I thought they were too beautiful to be left there.
10. I am in a phase right now where I don't watch any movies or documentaries with subjects like war or horror. I think that cinema and TV are there to entertain me and help me learn useful things. I will never start a war, I know they happened, I don't need to know the exact details of how people died of excrutiating pain. I also don't understand why I would pay to have some people killed and witness a blood bath, I prefer saving for the Birkin!

So that's it for the wonderful award!!

Now nothing in this outfit is vintage except the necklaces. I actually made the one with a rock and the other one I bought in a thrift store. I will provide a close-up very soon for the shoes which I bought in a tiny store in Budapest! The dress is H&M but I bought it in Vienna.
It is SO FREAKING HOT in Montreal right now that honestly I can't put anymore on my poor body! Am I happy I have the AC in my room (only place in the house cauz the parents hate it)? Hell yes!!

Mucho Hugz & Kissez!!


I'm back!

Hello my wonderfuls!

I know someone who’s back from her crazy-fantastic-amazing trip… that’s right I’m talking about me in the third person! I am back! Did LOADS of shopping! Went to both the H&M’s in Paris that have the larger sizes section, bought 3 pieces from that collection! Also bought shoes, a purse, jewellery, dresses, so much stuff! You will see all of it, piece by piece!

So today I will post about the first city I visited, Prague in Czech Republic.

Prague is a gorgeous city, but we had a lot of problems communicating with people because 1. Czech is nothing like English or French, 2. It is not THAT touristic... We arrived really tired but still tried to visit a little, at 2 o’clok in the afternoon I told my friend that I was going to fall asleep while walking if we didn’t go and have a nap, which we did, and it was the best decision because our youth hostel was organizing a special supper with typical Czech food (loads of meat for everyone, good cheese and bread for me lol)! There, we met other Canadians, a French, a Japanese and an Australian couple. Everyone was so nice and it was just an amazing night because we went to a typical Czech bar and drank really good beer and weren’t sleepy at all thanks to our nap!

Honestly, those people made the Prague part of our trip so great! We strolled in the city at night, went to a vegetarian restaurant (for meee) with a couple, and met some quebecers to watch a hockey game in a weird nightclub!

We also did the usual touristic attractions, we went up the old church tower, took the funicular up to the hill and we walked everywhere since the city is really not that extended. It was still the end of April so outfit wise I was wearing my black riding boots a lot, jeans and my trench from Zara. Here are some pictures of the first part of my trip! I hope you had a great month and I can’t wait to check everything you’ve updated on your blogs!! Tomorrow, I will tell you about Vienna!

Hugz & kissezz!


Tribute to BBM

Hi loves!

I know that probably all of you know about
BBM's Lucky's Month of Outfits Calendar and I tried one myself! Here is my day 14 with a twist!!

On another note, I think this will be my last post for a little while! I will try and get to a computer during my trip but I don't think it will be that easy. It only means that you all need
to be back here on May 24th because I will start posting pictures... loaddds of pictures!!
Love you all!!
Hugz & Kissez!


No rain

Hey sweets!

So this is a very short post! I am supposed to be studying for my final exam in textiles and fibres but I can't concentrate!! Here is a dress I thrifted that is so 80's I could do an indegestion but I wont cauz I loooove it too much! The belt was also thrifted something like 5 years ago and it is crazy how perfectly they go together! What do you think? Should I bring this dress with me on my european trip? And do you see my smile? Preppy thinking works!

Loads of love!

Rachel aka PSFQoM

Blind Melon - No rain (Song of the week)


Pretty Preppy

Hi lovelies!!

First of all, I want to thank Sabina at http://femmefatalexsabina.blogspot.com for the wonderful interview! It's the first time anybody has ever talked about me in german and I feel very lucky that she took the time to write this article! Go and have a look if you have a little time! She writes about plus-size fashion in general and I personally discovered other great fashion bloggers through her!

Here is the link for the post about me! http://femmefatalexsabina.blogspot.com/2010/04/vorstellungsrunden-plus-size-fashion.html

On a completly different subject, I have a new fashion mantra! You know if you’ve read my previous post that I want to have a new positive outlook on life. I was doing a project for school on Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein and kind of got in a Preppy mood and starting doing researches on the subject. Well I found on http://e.how.com some very inspiring and interesting infos on how to be preppy and I think that as an attitude, Preppy sounds quite an awesome way of life! I know I’m not smiling on my pictures but let’s just say I’m in a modelish vibe, but for the Preppy girl, it’s all about the smile!!

Read on if you want to know a little more!

“ Get the attitude. An important quality of a prep is their ability to be happy, bubbly, and very social. Look on the bright side all the time and be happy with who you are, and encourage people to do the same.

Act friendly and outgoing... a little shy is OK, but be nice. Smile. Stand up straight. Avoid getting people angry. Forget talking about money or politics-it can put people off. Being snobby shows poor breeding.

Preps have a friendly attitude and good manners. Read Etiquette books or take etiquette classes. Good manners are very important to preps. It shows people you have had a good upbringing. Use basic politeness such as please, thank you and excuse me. Be considerate and hold doors for people.

Be social; make new friends and practice being more outgoing. Throw a party for no reason every so often. Try to keep the party drug- and sex-free. You can be the life of the party but still be classy at the same time. For example, if you are at a party you won't be anti-social or drinking like a drunk and slobbering all over the place. Rather, you will have nursed one drink all night, socialized, and will not act like an idiot. “

Sooooooo? How do you feel about those recommendations? Would you want to be a preppy girl?

Thanks for visiting my blog and please comment, I love comments and will make sure to come and visit your blog if you have one!

Hugz & Kissez

Rachel aka Plus Size Fashion Queen of Montreal


Happy happy sunshine

Hello sweets,

Yay I have a new camera! I hope you guys can see the difference! I bought it for my trip! I am so excited! But I still have 4 exams and 3 projects to give back before leaving... Anyway, I have an amazing friend, lets call her Amanda, she has the most amazing outlook on life, she's honestly like a ray of sunshine and she always has a great smile on her face. She made me want to do the same, and the smiling part is the first I'll put into action, starting with my new pictures! This is a happier me, a smiling me!

About this outfit: The skirt is thrifted and I shortened the hem. The lilac blouse is from this canadian store called Costa Blanca. The jacket, most amazing peace, was a gift from my ex boss/new friend who runs a styling agency here in Montreal. She transformed this coat for a DIY story and gave it to me because it fitted... how amazing is that! I love it so much! You should really take a second and check out her website, it's great and I really love the videos a lot, she also has a facebook app about personnal styling! besleek.com/

So take in the sun, the spring is here, my favorite season, why should'nt we smile?

Hugz & kissez


Diamond in the rough!

Hi loves!

You know by now how much of a thift shopping junkie I am! I do it allllll the time, and yesterday was no exception but will post about that tomorrow or the day after. Something like two months ago, I went into this enormous thrift shop that sells horrible stuff but sometimes, you can find diamonds! And that's what I did! This is an original vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress, in a size 10! Yes you read well, I'm a 14-16 and fit into this size 10!

I wanted to know the exact collection for which it was made so I emailed the company and they found that is was from the late 70's early 80's! I am in loooooove with this dress! With this tan braided vintage leather belt, some necklaces from my huge pile, my golden bracelet and those pretty sandals and I am ready for a picnic or a stroll in a hay field!

What do you think? Isn't this dress in itself amazing??

Hugz & Kissezz


Hey dears!

So the other day I went shopping with some friends and they obviously wanted to go and take a look at Zara which I boycott because their XLarge is actually a vrey small Large! We get in and shop around and I see this gorgeous black trench coat with mirrored buttons exactly like what I was looking for! I try on the XLarge and obviously it doesn't fit... Kind of disappointed, I shrug and just keep on looking at stuff from this hellish place (because the clothes are so pretty and nothing fits me). At the very back of the store, there is another rack with the same trench on it. I don't know why but I look at them and find an XXL! On a Zara tag! I try it on, love at first sight, I buy it and have been wearing it ever since!

I hope they will augment the quantity of stock they carry in those sizes!

And my wedges are from a sale at Urban Outfitters. In my opinion, no heels are more comfortable than wedges! And flattering! What do you think?