Mea Culpa

Hey sweets!

I know, I have been kind of absent, but the thing is, since I came back from my trip, it’s been crazy! I’m back at work, waking at 6 am every day and back home around 6 pm. Since I have a very jet-set life and very jet-set friends (lol) I had to see some of them before they left for their European or Cuban trips, or before they went back to their summer internships (I have a friend in the Nunavut and another one in Newfoundland) so I have been going out non-stop! And my birthday is coming up and as a Gemini I become obsessed with the planning of a crazy party night with my friends (the ones that are here…)! I will now STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

Before talking about the second stop of my seven cities in thirty days tour, I just want to talk a little bit about my hometown, Montreal, that I did miss without even realizing! If you happen to come to this really amazing city, here are some places, especially restaurants, that you should check-out!

1. For a wonderful breakfast and A-MA-ZING coffee and tea selection, go to one of the two branches of the bistro Toi, Moi & Café. The first location to open was the one on Laurier street, my favorite street of the city! I always take the Salvador Dali omelet and café au lait with soy milk! 244 Laurier Avenue West, www.toimoicafe.com

2. I recently discovered an awesome bar/restaurant called the Bond Lounge Grill, the overall theme of the place is old James Bond movies so the drinks have Bond names like Octopussy (can you say raspberry overload! Yum) and Money Penny. The place is decorated in a 70’s vibe and ladies eat free with consummation on Wednesdays! 101 Fairmount Avenue West, www.bondloungegrill.com

3. If you feel like spending a night like you’re one of the girls on The Hills or The City, head to the beautiful but quite expensive Wunderbar, lounge/bar on the first floor of the chic W hotel. Very chic, there are fresh flowers on your drink and the martinis are to die for. Little trick, go to the BYOW of your choice before if you want to drink more than just a 15$ martini! 901 Square Victoria, www.wmontrealhotel.com

4. If you have a vegetarian craving, try the delicious restaurant Lola Rosa in the McGill ghetto. The place is always crowded with students and the food is delicious. You can get away with an appetizer and main course for about 20 dollars. 545 Milton Street

So now you have one very small guide to the city, I think this will become a regular thing! Would you like to hear more about Montreal? And most important, would you like to see one last outfit before I change my hair? I’m going paler! Think Lauren Conrad meets Drew Barrymore!

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  1. If I ever visit Montreal, I will be sure to use your city guide.:)

    P.S. I can't wait to see the new hair color. It will be a fun change for you!