Pretty in Pink

Wow so again, long time no see right! I think I will have an outfit day and a fashion day! How would that sound? So Tuesdays would be outfit days and Fridays fashion days!

So last Friday was my birthday and I went out with some friends on Saturday to celebrate my turning legal officially everywhere! 21! For the occasion, I had bought a beautiful dress in Paris from H&M. I’ve been losing weight. I am training a little bit, eating less and am right between regular and plus size at a large 14. My point being that the dress is from regular H&M. My theme this year was pink! I even had matching nail polish. You can also see that I changed my hair! I’m blond now and I really like it.

We had dinner at a really great restaurant called Tai Nature in the old port. It’s a Bring your own wine with a lot of vegetarian options for me! After that, I had made a guestlist at the Terrasses Bonsecours, a semi-chic club overlooking the water. It was such a fun night!

Here are some pictures of my outfit! I wore a black faux leather jacket on top of my pink strapless dress, even if it was pretty warm outside, my favorite black wedges, 70 little chains on my neck, and yes, that’s 70, 2 bracelets I bought in Florence, and 2 rings I bought in Vienna.

Have a great week! I’ll write on Friday!


p.s. The view is gorgeous from one of my friend's condo so we took some pictures there! Enjoy and tell me how you like the outfit!

2 commentaires:

  1. so pretty. I love the dress and the color of the dress!!

  2. Love this dress on you, the color of the dress matches your skin tone and haircolor perfectly! And then this necklace... awesome! LOVE IT!