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Hi girls!

I have an important question for all of you readers out there. I know Its been a little more than three months since I wrote anything on my blog but I have a somewhat good reason. I've been losing weight. And I have never been really into size 10 girls stating they are plus size. I'm not a size 10, I'm a size 12 now. I'm very happy about it and I plan on getting to a size 10 in 2011, if not before. I do relate with a of you plus-size girls out there and know how hard and frustrating it can be to never find great looking clothes that fit your body! I still have a hard time because some sizes are made really small so jeans and pants at Zara and H&M are still a big no no! I would love to start posting again, but I have been wondering about how you guys would feel. I know I don't have that many followers but still, I want to know how you feel about it! I need 5 comments, 5 persons to tell me what you think! I might post until I receive these 5 comments but I do hope I will get some awnsers!

Cheers all! xx

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  1. please keep posting! Your outfits are still inspiring - plus size or not!

  2. Keep posting... Just because your not nessasarly plus size dosnt meen you cant be an inspiration to other women. Infact now you can at lease clame the middle road... not plus size but not stick thin and theirfore very much an average woman who has her figure doubts and figure loves. If you want to keep posting about plus size fashion I suggest getting plus size friends to model for you... who knows, you could be the next plus positive fashion photographer or something. At lease you have the experience of being plus size to back any writing about it you might do, thats more than some people who try to state their opinion on the subject have.

  3. Whatever size you are, your body is still beautiful! :) We find inspiration from everyone!!

    If anyone tells you that you should stop blogging about "fatshion" because you have lost weight, slap em! I'll do it for you! Body acceptance isn't just for larger women, it's for EVERY WOMAN! :)

    Please, keep blogging!

  4. You have to keep posting. It isnt necessary which size you have!

  5. Hi there in Montreal
    I read your Blog and I'd tell you: Keep posting !
    Greetings from Sicily/Italy by Aurè the only Italian Artist who celebrate Plus size Women in Art ...and also Skinny Women in Fashion...
    Ciao dall'Italia

  6. Wow! Ok so that was fast, and I decided to keep posting! Cheers sweets! And thank you, all of you, thanks so much!

  7. Hello! I am also a fashion lover blogger student in Montreal - I agree with you on the whole budget thing. When I get bored of my clothes I recycle my wardrobe by finding new ways to wear things - ex. if i dont like a dress, i might cut it and make it into a shirt or skirt.