Wow! So I did get my five comments! Thank you all so much for answering! I’m really touched. Honestly. So I will start posting right now then! But we do have some catching up to do.

I can start by telling you how I’ve been losing weight. The thing is, as you might already know, I’m a vegetarian with vegan tendencies (meaning I will sometimes eat cheese or eggs but rarely at home). Well I was having some skin problems, and I never had bad skin before, so I went to a dermatologist but nothing helped. Then I saw a naturopath because I believe that you can sometimes cure your body from the inside out. That woman told me I had built up too much acid in my blood. So I’m cutting back on wheat (gluten) and mainly oranges and tomatoes. Add that to my already very healthy ways! I do not follow a “diet”. I’m just trying different types of food and it obviously changed my body a little!

School has started so I’m done with my summer job, but I have five classes at university and Italian courses! Quite intense! However my classes are really interesting. I’m now thinking on doing something that has never been done at my university and going for a double major, one in fashion design and one in fashion commercialisation. I’m working really hard to keep my GPA high so I might be able to do an internship outside of Canada. Obviously I’m aiming for Italy, France or England, but I think Australia might be interesting... I might send a letter to City Chic! And if it doesn’t happen, I’d really like to see what’s happening in Vancouver, I’ve never been.

Anyway, that’s me and my big plans and mainly what’s been going on!

Now fashion! I’ve been having some fashion insecurities. Studying at a fashion school can be very intense because let’s just say we don’t have the same budgets (let’s remind ourselves that I love travelling, a lot), the same bodies (obviously), or even the same tastes. And I like heels but not that much since I’m 5’8 and don’t like being too towering. I’ll make a goal to wear heels once a week; I’m a big fan of wedges (I consider them heels). So this babbling leads me to my fashion wardrobe. I shop at vintage shops a lot, and buy all my jeans at Gap! But I don’t have that big of a budget so I had to find some ideas to change up my outfits... You know what I do? I take each piece of clothing I have and I try to find some outfits on the internet, or even in movies, and fashion shows, and work my way around them. And on that note, I’ll keep some thoughts for my next post! It feels good to be back,

Cheers sweethearts!

Today; Balmain FW2010-11

Jacket-Trifted, T-shirt-Urban Outfitters, Scarf - China Town, Jeans - Gap, Boots - OneStopPlus, Bracelet - Firenze, Necklace - DIY, Sunglasses - Dior

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