Happy happy sunshine

Hello sweets,

Yay I have a new camera! I hope you guys can see the difference! I bought it for my trip! I am so excited! But I still have 4 exams and 3 projects to give back before leaving... Anyway, I have an amazing friend, lets call her Amanda, she has the most amazing outlook on life, she's honestly like a ray of sunshine and she always has a great smile on her face. She made me want to do the same, and the smiling part is the first I'll put into action, starting with my new pictures! This is a happier me, a smiling me!

About this outfit: The skirt is thrifted and I shortened the hem. The lilac blouse is from this canadian store called Costa Blanca. The jacket, most amazing peace, was a gift from my ex boss/new friend who runs a styling agency here in Montreal. She transformed this coat for a DIY story and gave it to me because it fitted... how amazing is that! I love it so much! You should really take a second and check out her website, it's great and I really love the videos a lot, she also has a facebook app about personnal styling! besleek.com/

So take in the sun, the spring is here, my favorite season, why should'nt we smile?

Hugz & kissez

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  1. hey rachel i metioned you today on my blog :)