Hey dears!

So the other day I went shopping with some friends and they obviously wanted to go and take a look at Zara which I boycott because their XLarge is actually a vrey small Large! We get in and shop around and I see this gorgeous black trench coat with mirrored buttons exactly like what I was looking for! I try on the XLarge and obviously it doesn't fit... Kind of disappointed, I shrug and just keep on looking at stuff from this hellish place (because the clothes are so pretty and nothing fits me). At the very back of the store, there is another rack with the same trench on it. I don't know why but I look at them and find an XXL! On a Zara tag! I try it on, love at first sight, I buy it and have been wearing it ever since!

I hope they will augment the quantity of stock they carry in those sizes!

And my wedges are from a sale at Urban Outfitters. In my opinion, no heels are more comfortable than wedges! And flattering! What do you think?


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  1. Love wedges - and they are super easy to walk in! Want to exchange blog roll links? :)

    Sarah @ http://www.tabayag.com

  2. hey cute stuff! glad to see ure back and cant wait to see more posts from u! xoxo!

  3. wedges are my ultimate favorite... i don't even think i could manage in a stiletto lolz... and even if i could... wedges are just so much more versatile... they can be anything from casual to uber sexy... and im glad u got sucha great find ina despised store :) that always makes me feel great too!

  4. I noticed the XXL in Zara recently and it really made me smile! I just wish they would make everything upto XXL or XXXL, lol :)

    Much luv, Rebequita Rose

  5. Couldn't agree more about the wedges and they're cute as! Love this outfit and I love shopping surprises. I wish there was a Zara near me.