Hi everyone,

So finally, here are my first pictures since a VERY long time! As you can see, there is a lot of snow in Montreal and I will be honest and confess that I have exchanged my booties for a pair of hot and strong boots when walking around in the city!

I am totally against buying real fur (but second-hand is okay) and vegetarian but I do like the look of fur. I was thinking to myself: Why not use a faux fur neck liner and put it above an A line wool coat bought at the thrift store to give this entire look a very Jackie O. look? So that’s what I did and voilà! I like it!

I hope these pictures will inspire you to revamp or give a new look to your winter coat, or just make you happy you do not live in a town or country that has snow!

Cold kisses!

Here is a song to put a smile on your lips…


I am wearing a Jones New York coat, belt, faux fur neck line and hat from thrift stores

3 commentaires:

  1. I love the faux fur on ur coat. Very Jackie O!

  2. love this look and love the pop of red! and im so glad ull have an english version as well! yay! im a pretty new blogger too and im glad that i found ures! go plus fashion! :-)

  3. Just fabulous. I love berets just as much as I love ruffles. I haven't read much of your blog yet but this is definitely my favorite outfit of yours so far!